Get started with Gyazo Teams

Get started with Gyazo Teams

Note: A Gyazo Teams account is required to use Gyazo Teams service.

1. Download and Install

Download the two team apps from .
Install is very quick and easy with more instructions in the installer.
You will be shown a page to download the apps after signing up for Gyazo Teams.

2. Click, drag, and release your mouse to upload
To capture a screenshot, launch either of the Gyazo Apps, then click and drag to select the screen. When you release the click, your image is uploaded to a page with a unique link making it private but ready to share.

3. Instantly share screenshots and images anywhere

All new images you capture are unlisted and only you can see them. When you share a link to an image, any team member who receives the link will be able to see it.
If you want to share images outside your team, just click the sharing icon on the left of the image. Now anyone with the link can see it, no sign-in required.
To learn more and get an overview of how Gyazo works, watch the quick tutorial video below.

Gyazo works best when everyone can both send and receive images to make their point crystal clear. By getting your team on the same screen in seconds with instant visual communication you can save time every day.
Go to Team Settings > Members to add new members to your team now and get everybody sharing faster.