You can now add your own photos and emoji as stickers on your captured images. Combined with the draw feature there are new ways to be creative and in a very fast, convenient way.

Use it for quickly adding your brand / watermark, creating banner images for social media, and sharing how you feel, all without using special software.

How to use stickers

Add emoji

Select an emoji, position and adjust, then click save.

Add images you captured

Select and click an image, position and adjust the size, then click save.
Add images from one of your collections
Put frequently used images such as logos and text in one collection to quickly select your favorite stickers.

If you prepare a transparent image of your name logo and save it in captures gallery, you can use it as a watermark for copyright.

You can use this function to arrange multiple images into a single image.

Create a comparison image by arranging the images

Combine multiple images

Note: The stickers feature is only available for Gyazo Pro, and Gyazo Teams users.