Update credit card information(Gyazo Pro)

Update credit card information(Gyazo Pro)

Here, we will introduce you how to update the credit card of the Gyazo Pro subscription.

If your credit card has expired or you want to change the card you are currently using, please renew your credit card.

To renew your credit card, go to the Settings page.

How to update your Credit card information

From Billing , click Update Card .

Clicking on Update Card will bring up a pop-up the following.

Please enter your card number, expiration month/year and security code (CVC) to renew your credit card.

If the message "Please update your credit card" is displayed

If you see an error like the one above, it's likely that you have failed to pay your subscription with your credit card or PayPal account. In most cases, your credit card has expired and you probably couldn't charge.
Please renew your credit card from Settings page.

If you are subscribed with PayPal, please log in to your PayPal account and renew your credit card registered with PayPal.

Gyazo's billing system will retry billing several times within a few days.
If the billing is successful, the above display will be dissapears.
If the billing is unsuccessful as a result of retries, your account will be downgraded after approximately 10 days.

If you have downgraded your account and would like to subscribe to the Pro service again, please upgrade to Gyazo Pro again.

Images stored in your Pro account will not be deleted when downgraded to a free user. Access from the image URL is still valid, so the image uploaded to the blog etc. will be displayed as it is.

Free users have image viewing restrictions, but if you upgrade to a Pro account, you will be able to access all images again.