Fan Noise

Fan Noise

Fan Noise indicates the total amount of support from viewers to a broadcaster. It is accumulated based on Coins used for Items, time watched, comments, and days watched.

Viewers who accumulate enough Fan Noise can become Mini Fans or Core Fans. Based on the amount of Fan Noise earned, a Mini Fan/Core Fan badge and username background color indicating the viewer's status will be displayed in the comments section.

Broadcasters can earn Support Point Bonuses by collecting certain amounts of Fan Noise.

Total Fan Noise is calculated based on the support-related activity for the relevant time period, and will be reset at 0:00 every first day of the month in Japan Standard Time.

When the response rate is high, the automatic dialogue that is displayed when acquiring Fan Noise will be hidden to reduce comment traffic.
Fan Noise will still be received even when the automatic dialogue is hidden.
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