PocoBoxes contain Coins, and they can be obtained when you watch broadcasts.

How to Get PocoBoxes
The PocoBox Timer will start a countdown in the upper right corner of the screen.
You can open two boxes a day for a single broadcaster.
When the timer finishes counting down, you will have 20 seconds to open the PocoBox.
The maximum number of daily PocoBoxes that can be opened will not reset even if the day changes in JST during the broadcast you are watching. The limit will reset with the next broadcast.

Note: Tap and open a PocoBox to get Coins.
PocoBoxes will disappear if you do not tap and open it within 20 seconds after having received one.

Types of PocoBoxes
Regular PocoBox: 1-10 Coins
Super PocoBoxes: 20-30 Coins
Hyper PocoBoxes: 50-100 Coins

Super PocoBoxes and Hyper PocoBoxes can appear when you consecutively watch the same broadcaster.

Super PocoBoxes and Hyper PocoBoxes
New broadcasters will be given a supply of:
10 Super PocoBoxes
3 Hyper PocoBoxes
To check how many PocoBoxes are unopened still, tap the PocoBox on the broadcasting screen.
These PocoBoxes will only be awarded to first-time Pococha broadcasters.

The maximum number of PocoBoxes which viewers can receive per week:
Up to 5 Super PocoBoxes
Up to 3 Hyper PocoBoxes
Each box may be displayed to other viewers at the same time.
After one viewer taps the box, it will become a Regular PocoBox for everyone else.

What If the Timer Stops?

The PocoBox Timer will continue when you post a comment.

Notes: Broadcasts without audio or activity that are used for the sole purpose of handing out PocoBoxes will receive a warning from our monitoring system and may be up for broadcast or account termination.
The company reserves the right to decide the rules of the PocoBox feature and may change these rules, halt, or cancel the PocoBox feature at any time.
Please be aware that the number of Coins obtained per day will vary by user and device.
The number of Coins that appear in PocoBoxes will be reduced if the broadcaster does not show their face or perform, except in the case of audio broadcasts or audio broadcast features.
(This refers to broadcasts that do not use the audio broadcast feature and are dark or only show a background, photos, stuffed animals, etc. in place of the broadcaster.)
There will be no change to the specifications that determine the Coins you can earn at random.
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