Support Point Bonuses

Support Point Bonuses

Broadcasters can earn certain Support Point Bonuses from collecting Fan Noise and Core Fans.
Broadcasters who are rank A1 and higher, can use the Tweet Hashtag Feature to collect Support Points as well.

Fan Noise indicates the total amount of support viewers give to broadcasters, and is accumulated based on Coins used for Items, time watched, comments, and days watched.

By building up Fan Noise, viewers can become Core Fans. The amount of Fan Noise earned will increase your Fan Noise Level to Mini Fans, Core Fan (1K Fan Noise Level), Core Fan (10K Fan Noise Level), and so on. Based on the amount of Fan Noise you have accumulated, a Core Fan symbol and username color indicating your status will be displayed with your comments.

Please see Core Fan Requirements to view the conditions for becoming a Core Fan.

Fan Noise Bonus
Each time the total number of Fan Noise in the broadcast period reaches a certain value, a bonus will be added to the broadcaster's Support Points.

See the table below for Support Point bonuses based on total Fan Noise for that period.
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Total Fan NoiseSupport Point Bonus
5,000500 pt
10,0001000 pt
20,0002000 pt
30,0003000 pt
40,0004000 pt
50,0005000 pt
75,0007500 pt
100,00010000 pt
150,00015000 pt
200,00020000 pt
250,00025000 pt
300,00030000 pt
350,00035000 pt
400,00040000 pt
450,00045000 pt
500,00050000 pt
600,00060000 pt
700,00070000 pt
800,00080000 pt
900,00090000 pt
1,000,000100000 pt
1,500,000150000 pt
2,000,000200000 pt
2,500,000250000 pt
3,000,000300000 pt
3,500,000350000 pt
4,000,000400000 pt
4,500,000450000 pt
5,000,000500000 pt

Please check Fan Noise in your profile for the number values.

Note: The Support Point bonus is added each time Fan Noise reaches the appropriate level.
There may be some delays in calculating Fan Noise during the ongoing broadcast.

Core Fan Bonus
Broadcasters can also earn a Support Points multiplier bonus by collecting Core Fans.
Once a broadcaster has reached a certain number of Core Fans, all the Support Points earned by that broadcaster will receive a multiplier bonus for the rest of the month!

For example, a user who receives 2 Core Fans will begin earning a 101% multiplier on all their Support Points for the rest of the month. Therefore, every 1 Support Point they earn will actually be worth 1.01 points. It may not sound like a lot, but remember - it adds up!

See the table below for Support Point bonuses based on total Core Fans for that period.

Daily Ranking
The bonus will be applied to the Support Points after the day the bonus is earned.
The bonus will not be applied retroactively to Rank Meters or Category Rankings that have already been tallied.

Monthly Ranking
The bonus will be applied to all Support Points earned during the month, regardless of when the bonus is earned (12:00 AM on the 1st day of the month to 11:59 PM on the last day of the month in JST).

The amount of Fan Noise and Core Fans over the course of the entire broadcast period can be viewed from the broadcaster's profile. It can also be viewed in the Monthly Report.
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