Support Points

Support Points

Support Points are points awarded according to your daily broadcast support activity.

A user's Rank Meter is calculated by the amount of Support Points they earn during a given period.

Calculations are made based on the total number of Items used.
Items used by users under Rank Class C1 earn more Support Points than those from Rank Class C1 and above.
Additional Support Points are given depending on the number of users under Rank Class C1 who have used a certain number of Items.

- Users are considered to be C1 or higher based on their Rank from the previous day.
- The more Items from users that are Rank Class C1 or higher during the current daily period, the less likely they are to have an effect on Support Points.
- The calculation is not affected by any values not listed above.
- There are no special combinations that will increase or decrease total points.
- We cannot provide details as to how points are calculated.

In addition, Support Points are used to determine various Category Rankings and Rank Class.
Please note, Support Points are different than Broadcast Score.

Support Point Bonus
Support Point Bonuses will add bonuses to your total Support Points.
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