Copyrighted Materials

Copyrighted Materials

Do not use the copyrighted works of others or broadcast others without their permission.
For example, broadcasting TV, movies, games, etc., or using copyrighted audio from commercially available CDs, DVDs, streaming services, video apps, or karaoke systems.

To play commercially available CDs, DVDs, or audio from streaming services as background music when broadcasting on Pococha, you must get permission from the copyright holder.

Taking screenshots or recordings without permission from the broadcaster, posting recordings on social media or Pococha profiles, etc., may make others feel uncomfortable.

Examples of Prohibited Activities
- Broadcasting TV or movies on Pococha while they are airing on TV, streaming services, etc.
- Broadcasting karaoke music in a karaoke room or bar.
- Taking screenshots without the broadcaster's permission or using other people's images without their permission to damage their reputation, or misuse those images.
- Live game streaming while the game is displayed on the broadcast screen.

Dealing with Violations
Both broadcasters and viewers may be subject to penalties such as warnings and account feature restrictions.
See What to Do in Case of Violations for more details.
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