Using Pococha for Commercial Purposes

Using Pococha for Commercial Purposes

Recruiting, job seeking, and asking for money are not allowed on Pococha.
The direct exchange of money, electronic money, smartphone payments, or information on where to send money may lead to problems.
These activities may be subject to warnings and account feature restrictions.
Please be careful.

Examples of Prohibited Activities
- Asking for money. For example, "Please make a deposit to ____ payment app".
- Statements that solicit profit. For example, "I'll give you cashback if you do ____" or "I'll give you ____ if you buy ____ that I'm using".
- Transfer of gift certificates or cash in exchange for items.
- Soliciting for a job or a store.
- Repeated advertising or solicitation to join an agency. For example, "Quit your current agency and join ours".

Pococha values your health and safety. If you see any inappropriate behavior, please report it by using the report function in the app.

Please respect other broadcasters and viewers.

Dealing with Violations
Both broadcasters and viewers may be subject to penalties such as warnings and account feature restrictions.
See What to Do in Case of Violations for more details.
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