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Contact Us


Please Note:
- If the app does not work properly, please first see this page. If you cannot find the information you need on the Help page, please contact us with the necessary information.
- If you have questions about Pococha features, please search for an answer in this FAQ first.
- Please allow adequate time for our team to respond to your inquiry.
- Please note that the customer support response may be sent to your junk/spam mail folder by default. If you did not receive a response, please check the corresponding folders.
- We accept inquiries in Japanese and English. We cannot provide support for inquiries received in other languages. Please contact us in the language we support.
- We do not offer phone support or support over social media channels.

Report Function
Please use the Report function when you notice a rule violation or spam.
Tap the user's name or icon.
Tap "..." in the upper right corner of the profile.
Tap "Report", enter your reason for reporting, and send.
Please note that we cannot send you the results of your report.
If you are in imminent danger or have been involved in a crime, please consider contacting authorities.

Please send us your comments or suggestions.
Please note that we cannot reply to these messages.
Please do not include any personal information.

If you have not received a reply:
Depending on your mobile service provider's spam settings, our response may not reach you. Please check your junk folder. Please ensure that you have added to your list of trusted senders before sending another inquiry.

If the message "Please check your email application settings" is displayed:
Depending on your device or email application settings, you may not be able to use this feature.
Try changing the settings for your device or application.
For inquiries on these settings, please contact the help desk for your device or application.
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