Indecent and Adult Content

Indecent and Adult Content

No matter your age or gender, do not show your underwear, show too much skin, or say or do anything that could seem sexual or sexually suggestive. Not only can it be offensive to the viewer, but it is also very dangerous and could lead to criminal activity.

Making or asking for sexual acts or trying to cause sexual desire is not allowed on Pococha. Emphasizing breasts, buttocks, etc., is not allowed even if it is part of a dance or performance.

Please be aware that even if it is not done on purpose, changing clothes, wearing revealing costumes, using the bathroom or toilet, or any broadcasts that may cause an unexpected accident could be subject to warnings or account feature restrictions.
- Anything that shows too much of the upper body, or behavior that could be perceived as emphasizing it.

- Broadcasts where the broadcaster is wearing a bathing suit, except in places where it is acceptable, such as the ocean or swimming pool.
- Broadcasts in which the broadcaster looks like they are not wearing clothes.

- Broadcasts that suggest nudity, such as taking a bath.

* Profile images are not covered by this rule, but by the Rules for Profile Images.
* It is acceptable to wear a swimsuit in places where it is appropriate, such as a swimming pool or the ocean.
* Please note that obscene content, or any content that may cause an accident regardless of the intention, may be subject to suspension.

Other Examples of Prohibited Activities
- Asking for acts of indecent exposure or obscene words. For example, "Take off your clothes."
- Advertising indecent exposure, obscene words, or other actions in exchange for something. For example, "I'll expose myself if you do___for me."
- Emphasizing breasts, buttocks, or other parts of the body during the broadcast, in order to suggest sexual thoughts.
- Provocative dances or performances that are similar to sexual movements (e.g. twerking etc.).
- Filming adult products or adult images.
Pococha is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for daily communication. If you see any inappropriate behavior, please contact us using the report function in the app.

Dealing with Violations
Both broadcasters and viewers may be subject to penalties such as warnings and account feature restrictions.
See What to Do in Case of Violations for more details.
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