Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and Harassment

Users should not hurt, harass, lecture, or speak ill of other broadcasters or viewers in broadcasts. Any problematic behavior that causes trouble is not allowed. Threatening or harming yourself or others and making others feel threatened or uncomfortable are prohibited.

Discrimination and hate speech is not tolerated. Any action or statement that discriminates based on gender, disability, ethnicity, race, social class, occupation, or illness, will result in the deletion of the post and possible account feature restrictions.

Promoting or encouraging the above are also prohibited and may result in restricted account features.

Examples of Prohibited Activities
- Hurting broadcasters and viewers by stating the broadcast is "weird" or "boring".
- Constantly making unwanted requests of the broadcaster.
- Discriminatory remarks about sexual orientation, race, disabilities, etc.
- Discriminatory remarks about gender such as "You can't do ___ because you're a woman/man."
- Threatening and making demands such as "If you don't do this, I'll destroy you."
- Making violent remarks such as "I'll find you and beat you up," or causing fear of physical harm.
- Damaging photos, objects, etc. of a specific person and actions that make people feel threatened or violated.
- Posting a large number of meaningless comments to disturb broadcasts.
- Making others feel unsafe such as "I'm going to your house" or "I know where you live."
Pococha values the well-being of our users. We take harmful behavior that makes others feel unsafe seriously. If you see any inappropriate behavior, please report it by using the report function in the app.
There are also instances where you may hurt others unintentionally. Please respect other broadcasters and viewers when using the app.

Dealing with Violations
Both broadcasters and viewers may be subject to penalties such as warnings and account feature restrictions.
See What to Do in Case of Violations for more details.

Affected Users and Other Concerned Parties
If you have any problems with Pococha, please contact us by accessing “Help” > “Contact Us” through the app.
If you believe that you are in imminent danger, please contact the police or the local authorities immediately.

In addition, if you have any concerns or problems and need consultation, you can find various consultation services at website below. Consultation services can be reached by phone or in-person at a location near you. We hope you will use these services when necessary.
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