Viewer Rankings

Viewer Rankings

Certain requirements must be met to be included in Viewer Rankings.

(1) Viewer Rankings
- Overall Viewer Category Rankings
Tap the crown icon on your Feed or on the broadcast screen to view.

- Viewer Item Rankings for each broadcaster
Can be viewed from the broadcaster’s profile.

Both of the following requirements must be met to be included in these Rankings:
- Must be a US user (agreed to the US Terms of Service).
- Must be a Pure Viewer.
Pure Viewers are viewers whose Rank for the previous day was below C1.
* Even if you were below C1 Rank, you may not be eligible for Pure Viewer status depending on the use of sub-accounts or other factors.

(2) Pure Viewer Requirements for Each Ranking Category
RankingPure Viewer Status
DailyOn target day
WeeklyDuring entire target week
MonthlyDuring entire target month
TotalAt the time of posting

* Users who were not Pure Viewers for the entire target period will not be included in Weekly or Monthly Rankings.
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