Can personal information be revealed from a capture link?

Can personal information be revealed from a capture link?

Sharing a capture link with others will not reveal, leak, or show any of your personal information, by default.

Captures can include anything you upload to Gyazo such as screenshots, images, screen GIFs, videos, and replays.

If you change the defaults, you can allow others to see your personal information.

When you make image metadata public on a capture, or as your default setting, then any person that has the link can see the details Gyazo saves with each image or video and the name entered in your profile. Your IP address is not visible.

Note: If you have entered your real name as your profile name and you have chosen the setting to make your capture metadata public on all captures, then your real name will be visible to any person your captures are shared with.

When sharing a Gyazo link, your IP address will never be visible to other people.

Here is a Gyazo link you can use as an example. Please click it to see:

As you can see on that page, if the setting to publish the metadata of the image is disabled, you cannot see any information other than the image.