Connect your account with multiple computers

Connect your account with multiple computers

This article will explain how to connect your account with 2 or more computers.

For example, you can have one Gyazo account with Mac and one with Windows PC. In this case you would see images taken with Gyazo Mac and Gyazo Windows together on your Captures page when you are logged in.

How to connect multiple computers

1. On your main computer, please confirm if you already have a Gyazo account where you are logged in and you have taken at least one screenshot. If you haven't signed up yet, please create a new account and follow the steps.

2. On your second computer (the new one that you'd like to link), download and install Gyazo.

3. On your second device, launch Gyazo and upload captures. A new tab will open with your default web browser. (If it doesn't open a new tab, please check your Gyazo settings - “Open browser after capture” must be enabled)

4. On your second device, access the page at and login with your registered email/password.

5. Depending on your usage situation, an email with the Verification code will be sent to the registered email address. Enter the issued authentication code in the login screen and complete the login.

6. You will see the following message. Click "Yes" to link your second device with your account.

Now your Gyazo account is connected with both computers. Any new captures taken on either computer can be seen on your Captures page.

Note: If you mistakenly click "No", please upload an image again to return to this step.

You can confirm and disconnect a device from your account at your settings page.