Free users have image viewing restrictions

Free users have image viewing restrictions

Free users have restrictions on image access from the Captures page.
(There are no restrictions for Gyazo Pro and Gyazo Teams users)

On the Captures page, free users cannot access the images uploaded before the 10 most recently uploaded images.

For example, when you capture 11 images, you cannot access the first captured image on the Captures page.

This is the Captures page after capturing the numbers from 1 to 12 in order.

The latest 10 images ( image 3 - image 12 ) can be accessed by clicking the thumbnail of each image.
However, the images captured before that ( image 1 and image 2 ) will be grayed out and will not be accessible from this captures page.

Even if the image cannot be accessed from the captures page, you can access the image if you know the URL

On the above screen, the grayed out image 1 and image 2 can be displayed as shown below if the URL is known.

Image 1 :
Image 2 :

Images from your free account will not be deleted or inaccessible from the URL.
* You need to create an account (free) to display the captures page.

Even if you delete an accessible image, the grayed out image will not be accessible

Even if you delete the most recently uploaded image 11 and image 12 , you will not be able to access the image 1 and image 2 that have been grayed out once.

If you upgrade to Gyazo Pro in the future, you will be able to access past images retroactively from the Captures page.